Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about the Utopia Money Card?

The Utopia Money Card gives a multiple money saving deals and benefits to its customers as a reward for choosing Utopia Money.

Utopia Money empower our members with a variety of discount facilities and a huge range of membership benefits designed to empower lifestyle.

  • Huge savings on Highstreet shopping from top brand retailers
  • Mega online shopping deals
  • Buy Now Pay Later on your weekly shop when using your Utopia Money Card
  • Free premium FLAVVA membership with Utopia Money
  • Discounted Retail
  • Dining Out
  • Holiday Travel
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Exclusive Supermarket Deals
  • Health & Fitness for Less
  • Excusive Motoring Deals
  • Home & Garden Bargains

Where can I sign up for the AMAZING Utopia Money Card?

Everyone is eligible for a Utopia Money Card. It is an subscription based membership. To join costs £34.99, then a monthly fee of £19.99. Get Started TODAY!

Where can I use the Utopia Money Card?

Visit the Utopia Money Hub to access our full range savings and bonuses that your receive with the Utopia Money Card. Why not download our app from the Apple Store for use on iPhones and iPads.

What savings will the Utopia Money Card deliver?

Jump on in with your Utopia Money Card and save over £1800 per year on lifestyle purchases.

How do I cancel if it’s not for me?

Very few people cancel their membership once they enjoy the enhanced lifestyle that Utopia Money offers. However if you find that the masses of savings and huge benefits are not for you then that is fine. you may cancel your membership up to 30 days prior to the expiry of your membership and your renewal date either by calling us or writing to us. Full details of how to do this are in the Terms & Conditions.

So, I can get a new mobile on contract? Who provides the phone contract?

The phone contract is not provided by Yes Solutions Limited (Utopia Money Card). The Mobile Phone contract is supplied by but a 3rd party company, Halo Mobile Limited trading as XXXX.

Utopia Money Membership

What is my scheme ID number?

Your scheme number is 2733

I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

When logging into the website, click the ‘forgotten password’ button and follow the instructions.

Oh No! I have lost my Utopia Money Vectis Card. How do I order a new one?

Please email support on: customerservices@utopiamoney.co.uk

How do I log into the website?

Simply log in the website using the username and password you set when creating your account.

Who is this scheme available to?

Everyone … we have a 100% acceptance policy.